Do you need your employees to be more aware of what to do in an emergency? Are you looking for a CPR / First Aid class that is both affordable and convenient? Welcome to Safety Training Associates. STA enjoys the distinction of being one of the leading companies offering CPR certification and workplace safety training in the Chicagoland Area.

What Will We DELIVER?

Investing in a strong safety program pays you back because it saves lives and reduces workplace injuries. We are committed to delivering more than simply a training class with workbooks-we will help you develop a safety attitude among your employees to respond to emergency situations where seconds make a difference.

WHY CHOOSE Safety Training Associates?

  • Training is our core business...not a sideline
  • We use the most up to date instructional methods and training materials on the market
  • Dedication to highest quality of customer service
  • See WORKPLACE TRAINING for more reasons you should use STA for your training needs.